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We Call This Fresh Thinking

People want to change the way they eat: they’re bored of the same old burgers, subs and pizza options. They want something unique, healthy, delicious AND crave-able. At Pita Pit, that is exactly what we deliver!

Our food is fun and fresh and reflects the new healthy and active lifestyles. With 600+ locations worldwide and growing, Pita Pit is poised for success here in the UK. Our franchisees not only benefit from our proven business model and support, but also from knowing that they are invested in a business that is a source of pride as well as profit. There’s never been a better time to become one of our franchisees. We’re seeking fun and motivated people who share our excitement for the Pita Pit brand – and our hunger for success.

Explore this site, it’s packed with information about Pita Pit, which will help you decide if a Pita Pit franchise is the right business for you.

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Pita Pit is where fast-casual food service is heading. Our food is fresh and fun and reflects the new healthy and active lifestyles of our customers. It’s a very exciting time to be a Pita Pit franchisee and we invite you to become a part of the Fresh Thinking—Healthy Eating concept that people of all ages enjoy.

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Who We Are

Pita Pit founder, Nelson Lang, rolled the very first pita in 1995, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with a vision to provide a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants. The success of this “fresh thinking” concept led to its franchising across Canada starting in 1997, followed by the United States in 1999. Pita Pit International was formed to bring the Pita Pit concept to the world and has grown steadily since the first international location opened in New Zealand in 2008. Pita Pit currently has three locations in the UK.

Our Brand


The globally recognised Pita Pit brand is perfectly positioned to lead the growing market trend in the UK towards new fast casual concepts that deliver delicious, high quality, healthy, customisable, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products. Our brand is, and always will be, anchored by our delicious and nutritious Pitas. Building on this foundation, we have carefully cultivated the following brand elements as mutually supporting pillars of the Pita Pit customer experience. 

  • Crave-Able: Serve food that people dream about
  • Customisable: Have it your way
  • Fast, Portable and Convenient: For today's on-the-go customer
  • Healthy: Guilt free dining pleasure – how often do you get that?
  • Fun and Friendly: Life is short, have fun
  • Environmentally Friendly: Because we live on the planet too
  • Modern, Natural Design: Who wants to eat in a neon box!? 

Our Food

At Pita Pit, we don’t do things the conventional way; we never have and we never will. Ultimately, this approach starts with our bread—the pita. Our pitas aren’t the boring, stiff, fold-over-type pitas—they’re unique. They are custom-designed to wrap around our delicious, lean grilled meats, fresh toppings, cheeses, and sauces, so it can be eaten and enjoyed anywhere. Yes, anywhere—the office desk, walking down the street, driving the car (although we wouldn’t recommend this!), or on the dance floor!


Systems & Support

Franchising with Pita Pit is a great way to become part of the booming fast casual restaurant industry. Our franchisees benefit from a very popular concept and a proven system—one that has undergone twenty years of fine-tuning. Additionally, Pita Pit continuously looks for new ways to grow and to develop operational, financial, and marketing systems that ensure each franchisee is receiving the most up-to-date tools for success. It goes along with our idea of “fresh thinking.”


Becoming A Franchisee

Our franchisees are from all walks of life and backgrounds, but share a few common attributes:

  • Team players
  • Have “builder” mentality
  • Hard workers
  • People oriented
  • Long term thinkers
  • Love food
  • Take their business seriously, but not themselves!

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If you still have questions about Pita Pit franchising, we have a support team entirely dedicated to helping prospective franchisees get the facts about restaurant ownership. Just email us your contact information and questions to We’ll gladly help you right away