Systems & Support


Finding A Location

Pita Pit will be there every step of the way to assist you during the site selection process for your franchise. Our experience is in knowing what factors determine the success of a Pita Pit, and include location, visibility, and proximity to anchors such as large retail stores, major business centres, and school campuses. We’ll combine our experience with your knowledge of local commercial real estate markets to determine where to locate your Pita Pit franchise.

Ideal Site Criteria:

  • 80 – 130 square metres (900 – 1400 square feet)
  • Retail space: end cap and main road visibility preferred
  • Good visibility
  • Good accessibility
  • Strong daytime population
  • High foot traffic and /or vehicle traffic areas with access to parking
  • Strong employment within the surrounding area

NOTE: Although franchisees do not get a protected territory, Pita Pit will never open a location that cannibalises the customers from another Pita Pit. That doesn’t make sense for anyone.

Remember, your success is our success!


Restaurant Design & Construction

Pita Pit works with a top UK architect to translate our modern fast casual brand into a beautiful and welcoming location design. Even though each Pita Pit location will project our fresh and natural brand, we do not use a “cookie cutter” approach that some concepts do where locations are all the same. This includes adapting the design to fit the unique feel / atmosphere / type of location, including historical and unique designs.

Once we have determined it is feasible to build a Pita Pit in a selected location and it has been secured, we work with our architect to complete a full set of drawings for your Pita Pit fit-out. We then work closely with you, your general contractor, and Pita Pit suppliers, to ensure that the building process is completed efficiently and according to Pita Pit standards.



Pita Pit invests a portion of all its franchising dollars into a cooperative marketing effort, known as the General Advertising Fund (GAF). This pooled-fund helps support brand awareness and build foot traffic in our stores.

Every Pita Pit franchise will also plug into our digital system which includes an integrated EPOS, Mobile ordering and digital loyalty system. This gives you an unparalleled window into your customers and their behaviours and run custom promotions that are tailored to your location’s specific needs and customer base.  Pita Pit, and our technology partners, will guide you through how to leverage these powerful tools to build a loyal and profitable customer base.

As a franchisee, you will also have access to a wide assortment of professionally-designed materials, and our corporate Marketing Team is constantly working for the benefit of the franchisees and the Pita Pit Brand.


Comprehensive Training

The program begins with a course that covers all the essential topics for operating and maintaining a Pita Pit restaurant to corporate standards. During the course, you’ll split your time between theoretical training in the classroom and practical training in a live restaurant.

The classroom portion of the training will teach you how to hire and train employees, work with food and beverage suppliers, implement effective marketing techniques and manage finances such as labor and food costs.

The practical portion of the training has you working behind the counter in a real Pita Pit restaurant. Here you’ll learn proper food preparation and organisation, inventory tracking, product ordering / receiving from authorised suppliers, effective employee management, store maintenance and exceptional customer service techniques.

Once your restaurant is open, we continue your training with your team in the days before and during your grand opening to ensure it is a huge success.


Ongoing Operational Support

At Pita Pit, you are never alone! To help ensure your success, we offer exceptional, ongoing operational support. Every franchisee is assigned a franchise coach as your single point of contact for everything Pita Pit. Your coach is there to walk side by side with you on your journey with Pita Pit. Whatever you need from Pita Pit, your coach is there to make sure you get it – if they don’t have the answer, they will get it for you. And behind your coach are the resources of the entire Pita Pit Team who are dedicated to your success.


If you still have questions about Pita Pit franchising, we have a support team entirely dedicated to helping prospective franchisees get the facts about restaurant ownership. Just email us your contact information and questions to We’ll gladly help you right away