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For Over 20 Years We've Been Bringing You The BEST Ingredients...
You Create From There.


Pita Pit founder, Nelson Lang, rolled the very first pita in 1995, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with a vision to provide a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants. 


Our pitas feature less carbs, lean grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and choice – over a trillion different possible pita combinations!

As if that wasn’t good enough, our pitas come in white and whole meal with NO preservatives and NO additives, just all natural, 100% vegan and 100% delicious ingredients. If you’re not in the mood for a pita, you can get any one of our pita options as a salad!


Current initiatives in the UK include:

  • UK farmed beef and chicken to reduce distance, carbon footprint and to ensure ethical treatment
  • Ocean Friendly Skipjack Tuna
  • Green walls reduce noise, increase air quality and bring the beauty of nature inside
  • Water Pit” stations allow customers to fill up any bottle with filtered, free water so we can cut down on packaging that much more
  • Our Pita Pit packaging – boxes, wraps, cutlery, napkins, etc. – is made from plants not plastic. It is compostable, sustainably sourced and UK-made
  • Hot chocolate made with fair-trade chocolate and organic milk
  • Separate wastecompost and recycling bins to reduce landfill
  • Food waste reduction program and staff training
  • Energy efficient bulbs that use 80% less energy and last 8 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb.
  • Reclaimed & FSC label wood that are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally while parts of the forest are protected entirely, in order to protect rare animals and plants.

Sustainability & Sourcing

We build a positive environment for our customers to feel good about their choices not just from a healthy food perspective, but in a more global sense.

At Pita Pit, we take our responsibility to our planet seriously. That is why we are leading from the front when it comes to reducing our environmental impact, and it is an area that we will never cease to look for ways to improve. At Pita Pit, sustainability is not a slogan, it is something we believe in deeply.


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